Bike Report: Visibility and the Need for Nuance

by CJSR Interviews

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The invisible cyclist may rise early to make their long journey across town in the hope to get work that day. They may travel in places we don't expect cyclists. They may go to places that the majority don't think anyone takes bikes too (bottle depots, hospitals, etc.). Their needs are missed when bike lanes and infrastructure are discussed. And it's those invisible cyclists that CJSR's bicycle traffic reporter Karly Coleman told Peter Chapman about on CJSR's Bike Report today.

She then went on to tell us about the visible cyclist. Those who have been attacked, ran off the road or killed seemingly simply because they were cycling. Is there a new renegade in town, is this another symptom of our times, or is it just a natural consequence of increased numbers of road users.

Finally, the bike report discussed how framing the discussion around bike lanes as polarising to other vehicle lanes removes the ability to delve into the nuance around the topic. Another symptom of our time, as all topics are necessarily diametric to encourage engagement, or just a capitalisation on extremism? We end up only hoping for some nuance.


released April 27, 2017