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Cyclist Kristi Woo from Calgary had a problem. Everytime she rode her bike her jacket would ride up her back, the sleeves weren't quite long enough for the arched forward riding position and the lack of breathability in the arm pits was sweat-inducing. So she set about changing things, by launching her own clothing company, Riyoko.

CJSR's bicycle traffic reporter Karly Coleman and co-host Peter Chapman caught up with Woo on the phone for the February edition of Bike Bits. We discovered it's not just function that factors into cycling clothing; politics plays an important role. From ethical sourcing, to fair wages and reducing environmental footprint, cyclists expect a lot from their clothes.

We also talked about how lycra forces people to love themselves; you can't hide from your lumps and bumps when you're in something form-fitting. And the message that clothing can send - racing with legwarmers: this probably isn't a race you're going to push yourself too hard in!

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released February 25, 2017